2013 World Championship - Japan Shichikasyuku

Invitation to the FIS Grass Ski World Championship 2013

2013 World Championship - Japan Shichikasyuku

We are so glad to inform you that the FIS Grass Skiing World Championship 2013 is going to be held in Shichikashuku, Miyagi Japan in September 2013. It is also a great pleasure for us to invite you to Japan again since the World Championship was taken place in Nobeyama, Nagano 26 years ago in 1987.

We believe the Championship held in Miyagi will contribute to the restoration of the northeast region devastated by the earthquake on March the 11th 2011 in various aspects. We would also like to take this opportunity to express Japan’s gratitude for the international assistance received in response to the disaster.

We hope all the guests and the racers enable to have a wonderful and enjoyable time in Japan, and it is grateful for us to make an effort to prepare for the event and welcoming you.

Accordingly, we would highly appreciate your cooperation and participation towards the success of this valuable event. We send our most sincere greetings to you and look forward to meeting you here in Japan in September.

With best regards
小林 英夫
Hideo Kobayashi Chairman of the Japan Grass Ski Association Chairman of the
Committee, the FIS Grass Ski World Championships 2013

To download full invitation letter in PDF with location details, photos and detailed schedule, use this link: Japan World Championship 2013.
Official Japan World Championship 2013 website is HERE.